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[...] Dotés d'un micro et d'un émetteur GSM, ces dispositifs low-cost, que rien ne distingue d'un câble USB standard, permettent de placer un local sur écoute ou de localiser un véhicule.

Many of them, like the Memorial Union Terrace chairs or state Capitol building, are pure Madison trademarks. The chairs go back into storage, with a promise they’ll return. And it’s impossible to picture Madison’s mayor of 17 years without his mustache.

-1-Unlike the rest of us, the chairs take winters off. The sight raises smiles and inspires fist pumps in the soul. It is a whimsical throwback, a comfy place when all else fails, a connection to make-believe.

City record keepers say it is a mystery how the slide came to be.

For newcomers, we hope they'll serve as a sort of Cliff's Notes to getting to know the city better. The chairs act as paradise’s furniture, a symbol of that feeling you get sitting for hours without worries as the summer sun heats the world and sets nightly over the lake. It’s been there each of the 10 times he’s been elected to a seat in Madison’s city hall — seven times as mayor and three times as an alderman.

To be sure, we don't all see these objects the same. Things start to change when signs of spring emerge. It represents the advocacy that put the city on the map as a place where liberal politics would always be welcomed, and where many still look to government to solve society’s problems.

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If Madison were suddenly smothered by a Mount Vesuvius, or swallowed up by Lake Mendota like Atlantis, what would future archaeologists conclude about us? It was there to mark the beginning of the career of the city’s youngest mayor.

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