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If this is correct, its account of 12th century Scandinavian events is nearly contemporaneous and is therefore probably comparable in accuracy to primary sources produced in other parts of Europe.The families of the Norwegian kings who ruled from 1161 to 1319 are set out in Chapter 1. Whatever the factual reliability of the Sagas, they represent our principle source of information concerning the medieval Norwegian kings.Whatever the truth of their origin, the Icelandic Sagas and the Norwegian histories are mutually compatible and few factual discrepancies can be observed between them.On paper at least, lengthy genealogies can be compiled from these sources which link all the main protagonists within complex family groups, related through the male and female lines.Secondly, a poem dated to [1190] reviews ten Norwegian kings from Harald I "Hrfagre/Harfagri/Fairhair" forwards as Smundr inn frdi [the Wise] told. However, if the hints are correct, it is possible that the precursors to the surviving primary sources dated from the mid- to late-11th century and were roughly contemporary with the reigns of Kings Harald III and Olav III (from 1047 to 1093), which may give some comfort about the factual accuracy of the Saga and Historia narratives relating to the families of these kings.In addition, few factual inconsistencies can be identified within either the Historia Norwegi or the Heimskringla series of Sagas with respect to this period: the genealogies of the Scandinavian rulers reconstructed from these sources fit neatly together and their chronology appears robust.The reign of King Harald is reported both in the Sagas and the Historia as improbably long and his descendants as improbably numerous.

Ynglinga Saga links the Swedish line with the kings of Norway, recording a line of descent which is completely different from the one found in the Historia Norwegie, until the supposed great-grandfather of King Harald "Hrfagre".This contrasts with the shaky chronology of the early rulers of Orkney described in Orkneyinga Saga, which provides genealogical details which purport to link the successive jarls of Orkney into a single family whose ancestry is traced back to Earl Rognwald the Powerful, a leading supporter of Harald I "Hrfagre" King of Norway.The precise chronological problems of the early chapters of Orkneyinga Saga are discussed further in the introduction to the chapter on the Jarls of Orkney in the document SCOTLAND, MORMAERS, EARLS, LORDS.The difficulty is therefore to decide how far they are merely works of historical semi-fiction and the extent to which the information which they contain is historically accurate.An analysis of the factual accuracy of the documentation is best approached by dividing the overall period into three chronological sub-periods: 9th century and before, 10th and 11th centuries, and 12th century and after.

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