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His first composition was a ballad titled "Nae Gyeote Sumsuil Su Ittdamyeon (White Lie)" (네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면), included in TVXQ's third Korean studio album, "O"-Jung. He also composed his solo slow-ballad "Rainy Night" of TVXQ's nineteenth Japanese single, If.../Rainy Night, an installment of the group's non-album release "TRICK" project.

For TVXQ's Korean comeback in 2008, he wrote "Noeur... 바라보다), which was featured in TVXQ's fourth Korean album.

"Xiah" would be an implication of his desire to become not only a star in Korea, but also a star recognized all throughout Asia.On December 8, Heechul wrote to Instagram:"The lyrics 'The likes and dislikes are strongly divided. Going back and forth between misogyny and misandry' are about my own image. From Kim Hee Chul who loves all the 'normal men and women' in the world.And who can say that men are bad or women are bad?! I've always held my tongue because if I dropped a bomb, it would hurt my precious fans. I'm the kind of person who respects everyone no matter what profession, gender, or age. I hope both men and women have a good end of the year!Kim was born and raised in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.He has an older fraternal twin brother named Kim Junho, who is also a singer mainly active in Japan and China where he is more well known by his stage names JUNO and ZUNO.

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  1. Other coworkers include an overweight green man called Muscle Man, and a ghost called Hi-Five Ghost. Quintel attended college with Thurop Van Orman and Pendleton Ward, who both went on to work at Cartoon Network Studios with Quintel; Van Orman created The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack and Ward created Adventure Time.