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The programs are parodies of news, entertainment, sports, commercials and more. It consisted of six half-hour episodes and was a mixture of several kinds of entertainment.

I do feel some stuff I wrote a long time ago could be much better explained, and some stuff I frankly don't agree with anymore and wish I'd explained better, but it will take a very long time to fix it all. I'll try to keep things updated, but there might be information or updates here and there that are a but rusty. And keep in mind, the english translations I make are not official, it's just a rough translation.

In 1989 the show (A Whole Bunch Of Programs) was aired.

Allan Preussen(Claes Eriksson) sits in his chair and introduces various TV programs.

Leif (1987) About the small community Rotum and its weapon factory.

In the newspaper the signature "Leif" supposes they deal with illegal weapon trading.

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It stars , Kim Anderzon, Stig Ossian Ericson aboard on one of the boats, and Yvonne Lombard, Nils Eklund, Stig Engström on the other boat, among others.

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