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I have been hurt in the past and I want I am spiritual, i am God fearing, I am straightforward, strong willed, i beli eve in treating others as i like to be treated with kindness courtesy consideration honesty respect etc.

When we see in person you should bei am retiered but not tiered my height is average and hair colour is ligth brown and coprate dressing i need a decent woman from Israel or southcorea or spain that will have my time and give me my respect and i will ATTRACTIVE LADY, FUN TO BE WITH, LOVE TO LAUGH,, LKG FOR ONE NICE GUY TO BE FRIENDS FIRST,, GETTING TO KNOW,, AND HAVING FUN TOGETHER ENJOYING LIFE,, LET'S CONNECT, SEND ME A MESSAGE LET'S MEET AND GO FROM THERE, WON'TI'm Henry from the US... I need a serious relationship that would lead to something Am a very cool and humble man, simple, jovial, kind-hearted, loving and open minded.

I have created a successful design firm that is doing very well, not so much with my personal life and it is time to change that here.

I am hoping to find someone who wants me because of who I am, not for what I have; I ..

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I live in a beautiful state where I can enjoy nature and fishing: ) My best feature?

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