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Unnecessarily formal, but it also made her look even more intimidating.

We arrived at the hotel and went to the front desk to check in. I thought since you asked me last minute to tag along you already had everything lined up." She said with a panicked look. It was a total oversight rushing to get everything ready in time.

I've read other submissions with similar settings, but they all seem to jump into an affair without much thought. So here's my take on the classic business trip fantasy with a few of my personal kinks thrown in.

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts.

Without touching her I could feel her warmth heating up under the sheets.

I heard the shuffle as she removed her clothes and turned on the sink to wash up.We landed in the middle of Kansas for our Mid-American conference. But for some reason, the farmers in this community loved to buy whatever we were selling.So my company continued to come back year after year for the 3-day conference."Looks like we're staying together, Jen." I said with a phony smile, which she returned right back. Judging by the way Jen was playing with her wedding ring on her slender finger, I'm guessing she was wondering the same thing. He'll probably want to kill me, but at least he won't be mad at you." I offered as an olive branch. I was imagining how much my wife would actually hate the idea when the sound of the elevator door opening finally snapped me out of it.We rolled our suitcases down the hall and came to our room. The room was incredibly dark before I finally found the lights. A tiny, one-person room with one fairly small bed that was right next to the bathroom. I guess I'll go get ready for bed in the bathroom." She grabbed some things from her suitcase and rushed in and closed the door behind her.

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